Lon Wong - Profile HeadshotHi there! It's Lon.

I'm a change agent, social entrepreneur, and seeker.

As a coach and consultant, I help individuals, teams, organizations, and brands become more human. But mostly, I'm trying to become more conscious and more human myself.

I believe humanity has hope + we need all hands on deck + a better world is possible.

I’ve led faith communities, non-profits, social enterprise startups, and national teams. I've worked with technology giants like IBM, humanitarian agencies like World Vision, and transformative B Corps like Akimbo.

Human-centered design is at the heart of every campaign, product offer, and experience I've helped launch and facilitate. I'm currently a partner & lead consultant at Chisel, principal of More Human Inc., and coach leaders through the altMBA

My current fascinations are in writing, marketing, culture shifting, and mindfulness.

If I can help you or your team become more human, you can track with me on the social links below, my newsletter, or feel free to reach out directly.