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The altMBA is an intensive global leadership program for people who want to make a difference in the world.

Founded in 2015 by the legendary marketer, thinker, and writer Seth Godin, students in the altMBA embark on a 31-day journey to levelling up their leadership.

I’ve participated in a number of educational institutions and have been through dozens of online training programs, however, in my view, the impact per time spent per dollar through the altMBA program is unusual and unmatched.

This is not another online workshop where you watch videos and complete assessments. You engage with real people facing real challenges, and most importantly you encounter yourself as a leader in many ways.

I’m definitely biased as an alumni and and a coach within altMBA over the last five years, but there really is something special about the program, the process, and the people that are pulled into the program.

altMBA Coach Family
altMBA Coaches Gathering in NYC

The above photo of us was taken at a Coaches gathering in NYC during a life design workshop at the rooftop of WeWork. Seth also led a private tour through MoMA and designed a treasure hunt challenge at Grand Central Station. Such a special treat.

I’m a fairly introverted person, but through the altMBA and the space that it creates, I’ve met some of the most wonderful humans on the planet. The altMBA is one of those rare things that have actually shifted the trajectory of my life.

Like all things, you get what you put into it. And it arrived at the exact right moment in my life. Maybe it’s the next right thing for you? Feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more.