Could there be a larger, more radiant life waiting for you?

dear stellar composite book

And yet, have you found yourself at times living a shadow of what your life could be, often bored and overwhelmed at the same time? You are not alone.

If you’re ever feeling lost, exhausted, unsure, or merely meandering through life, these pages will help guide you back to centre.

Written affectionately as letters from a father to a daughter, Dear Stellar traverses life and love and hurt. It explores imagination, creativity, and purpose. It dives into acceptance, seeing differently, and the beauty of being fully present to your extraordinary life.

Ultimately, it’s an invitation to being more human, more alive, and more you.

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"Dear Stellar is a touching and endearing letter from a father to his first-born daughter.

Soulful and tender, worldly-wise and true, Dear Stellar is both an intimate memoir and a rite of passage. It is the story of how a father learned that life is a work in progress and that the role of a parent is not to have it all figured out, but instead to love unconditionally and without judgement in the hope that his daughter will live a life of fulfilment and joy in the only way possible: by knowing and remaining true to her deepest self.

But it is also the story of how each of us can begin to trust ourselves enough to speak our truth, honour all the heartbreak and messy business of being human and connect in a way that is meaningful. You’ll smile at the touching moments of distilled memories. You’ll shed a tear at the shared experience of love and loss. But most of all, you’ll wish this was a letter your father had written to you." -Cat Preston, Coach & Host of the Collective Wisdom Podcast

"As a daughter and a mother of daughters, Dear Stellar touched my heart. Weaving together personal stories, insights from thought leaders, and reflections on life, Dear Stellar tells the story of a father’s love for his daughter and the advice he hopes to pass on. Easy to digest in small pieces, yet profound as a whole, this book will resonate with anyone who yearns to connect more deeply with their family and the world around us." -Michele Reiner, Founder of Storied Awareness

"Dear Stellar is a wonderful collection of letters, personal reflections, advice and simply fun stories from a father to a daughter. Every word is laced with love and care, as the author passes on inspiration and encouragement to a daughter growing up in an ever-changing world.

As a daughter of Asian immigrants, I found each letter resonated in its own unique way, speaking of not only the generational and cultural divide that can arise between parents and children of the immigrant experience, but also the enduring love that perseveres through it. Dear Stellar is a wonderful read for parents and their teenaged children alike who are just trying to figure it all out together. I especially loved the constant reminders throughout the book to always be fully human. That no matter what circumstances or challenges we face, we must embrace the wonderfully, unique ways we have been woven together." –Sherry J, Digital Marketer and Poet

"Dear Stellar is follows a heartwarming relationship between father and daughter where author, Lon Wong, passes on hard-earned wisdom from real-life experiences. It is an emotional and practical journey of immigrant parents, multi-generational challenges, and pithy thoughts towards triumph. I heartily enjoyed reading this and felt affirmed in my own experiences as a Chinese-Canadian immigrant. This book resonates with many parents and the truths within are a light." -Anna King

"A masterpiece full of generosity, humanity, and love. This is a magical book that shines brightly.

I have two kids and the chance to reflect on optimism and the importance of love was a deeply rewarding experience. Each section is a bite-size opportunity to see a world that is meaningful and more amazing than we might realize." –Brian Pelletier, Pharmacist, Dad, & Coach

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