Unstash Manifesto
Unstash Manifesto

unstash.com was a social enterprise with a mission to help communities share durable goods & curb overconsumption while creating a more sustainable planet.

We built a peer-to-peer digital platform that allowed people to list, share, and track items that were sitting in their homes collecting dust.

The average drill is used for twelve minutes over the course of it’s entire lifetime, and yet there’s one in almost every home across the continent. The premise behind the venture was that we all have more than we think – it just might not be under our own roofs – it’s sitting out there amongst our friends, family, neighbourhoods, communities. We’re simply not aware of it.

We integrated with Amazon to make listing items super easy while also showing the dollar value people would save themselves and their communities over time.

It was a labour of love. Huge thanks goes to the core team that helped bring it to life - Sam, Edwin, Lucy, Jin, Jocelyne, Cecilia, and Brian.

unstash.com was acquired by a platform with similar values, Acts of Sharing.