Being Fully Present

calm office desk

Dear modern-day worker What if we all slowed down? I know the demands are significant, and the world can feel crazy, but what if your world, your immediate world, your universe within, didn’t need to feel that way? So often, we’re living stretched and stressed, overwhelmed while underwhelmed, detached and over-attached, And yet we keep…

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Identifying and living out your core values

black stacking stones on gray surface

Core values matter Do you know what your core values are? Many of us think we know what we’re all about, yet we can’t quite articulate it. Others of us have repeatedly seen corporate values enshrined on office walls yet rarely see them lived out. Values can appear to be an irrelevant set of words,…

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9 Reasons why you should consider writing a book

Writing a book can be deeply satisfying, but it can also be a gut-wrenching, dizzying, torturous experience that makes you question your sanity.  So is it worth it?  First, some reasons why you should never write a book: $ Cash money  – Get real, there’s very little money in this. Out of 4000 manuscripts submitted to a…

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What I learned after taking a year off from social media

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash Do you have a torn love-hate relationship with social media? Have you considered ditching it and wonder what it might be like to live unattached from the Instagram or TikTok firehose? I took a year off from social media and discovered a few things. The backstory I’ve been on social…

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The morning routine I’ve landed on after 5 years of experimenting

I’ve been searching for the ultimate morning routine for years. The morning routine is touted as one of the most powerful tools in creating the life you want. Those who conquer their mornings conquer their days. The internet is littered with recommendations on what you should do in the morning, and yet very few of…

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