Laundry & Taxes

If you've seen the film, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE (EEAAO), this probably needs little explanation. 

If you haven't yet, go watch the movie. I plan on writing an article shortly on some master life lessons we can draw from the film.

Laundry and taxes is from one of the heart melting moments that punctuate the emotional climax of this cinematic masterpiece.

The Scene

One of the (many) important storylines in the film involves Evelyn and her crumbling marriage with Waymond. They're running a failing laundromat business and are having tax issues with the IRS.

In another universe, she experiences a life where her and Waymond never end up together, but where she is a successful actress. They bump into one another at a glitzy gala and they both clearly have the outward markers of wealth and power. Evelyn is enamoured with this alternate universe and bemoans how dull and drab her primary reality is. She shares with Waymond how hard life was and how poor they would have been if they got together earlier in life.

Through a series of beautiful sequences and flashbacks that needs to be experienced more than explained, Waymond turns to Evelyn and delivers one of the heart-wrenching line of the film.

Everything everywhere all at once, Laundry and taxes scene

“In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you”

Cue tears.

And questioning all of life.

Could it be that a version of you with everything you ever wanted might actually be wiling to trade it all for what you already have?

Why Laundry & Taxes moves us

Laundry & Taxes
is about how all of life, even the everyday and mundane, can be extraordinary, if we embrace the people we get to do it all with.

Laundry & Taxes is a metaphor of how the struggles and challenges we face might actually be the material in which we build a magical life upon.

Laundry & Taxes is an ongoing reminder that life is not somewhere else, off in the distance over there, but right here, in this present moment.

Laundry & Taxes T-shirt symbol and design

Laundry & Taxes - tshirt design on black

I played with several iterations of this graphic with vibrant colours, laundry baskets, and stacks of cash flying away, but the minimalistic sketches here better reflect the simplicity of the Laundry & Taxes message.

A single clothes line stringing together seemingly mundane artifacts like laundry and taxes in life. A wonderful reminder to enjoy the life we get to live and those we get to love right here, right now.

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